Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Words // Picasso

Pondering this quote this week as I pull through the last week of classes...

So very true.

Sometimes it's easier to get discouraged and completely stop working...
Take a long coffee break or what not. Or just give up.
But experience proves that those who keep at it will very likely
make discoveries that they would not have made had they stopped. 

Sometimes you just gotta climb a great big mountain to see the view on the other side.

Words // Pablo Picasso


  1. Love love love this! So encouraging on this last week! I showed it to the stressed out husband of mine and he said "let's go climb a mountain" :)

  2. Thanks Yana for posting this quote, its so very true. I love visiting your site, its update so often with your great personality and creativity :)

    Your bro Alex